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DaoZang Volume 131,  Page 050a1

Book 10    A Faithful Rendition in Regular Text Plate 5 Scroll 58

[Page 50]

Jīng Shn Hun Guī Lǎo F Zhung
The animal spirits of the body will return,
even though having retired on account of old age, they return to restore health and strength.

Hun Jīng Lin Xng Yǐ Tin Nǎo Q Chǐ Jiān Fǎ Hēi Shēn
B Lǎo

Returning [over and over] refinement is carried out repeatedly,
until there is obtained the perfect purity of the entire body.
As this happens, it fills up the brain with Qi.
The teeth become strong and firm, and the hair on the head becomes black again.
The body is no longer old.

Shǐ Yǐ Yōu Hung Qu Li Xi Jng
Using what is remotely hidden,
from the 'Yellow Palace with its twin Watch-towers
flowing downward to finish [its journey].

Yǐn Mng Tng Zhōng Ch Zǐ Xi Kn Jing Guān Zh Q
Qiĕ Cn Bin Yo Jīng Li R Dān Tin Yǐ Yǎng Q Xng

It is first drawn into the Bright Hall (located one inch behind the frontal sinus).
In the Center, there is a newborn baby down below,
being tended by a Deep-Red Official (Jiang Guan) on duty at the Navel (Qi).
Not only does it accumulate there, but also undergoes Change (Bian),
just as do the lines of the Lines (Yao) of the Yi Jing,
lending and interweaving with each part of itself.
This is the Essence (Jing) as it flows and travels round
before entering the 'Cinnabar Field',
this being used it to support and give shape to its Form (Xing).

Yu Sī Liǎng Shn Jiān Q Cng Shng Zh Xi Xī Q Z Shng J
Hung Tīng Yī Yu Mi Jiān Wi Yōu Qu Shǐ Yĕ

At the same time, [there should be] deliberation upon the space
between the two Kidneys.
Qi taken from above is directed down below by breathing it in by oneself.
It then rises until it reaches the 'Yellow Court' (the Eyes),
Then [travels] to the Single [point that] means that which is known
as the Space Btween the Eyebrows (Mei Jian).
Because this place is secret and hidden away,
the 'Yellow Palace with its Twin Watch-towers uses it.

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